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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  December 19, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EST

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four game winning streak. what it means for the playoff hopes. things could get complicated. good morning maryland i'm charley crowson. time for a check of the forecast, and for that we will head over the the weather wall with meteorologist, lynette charles, she has been giving out great news all morning. >> i didn't know you liked the snow like that, that's interesting. since we are friends, i might have to channel snow in here for you. our temperatures are going to be going the wrong way, up for a lot of people that like the milder temperatures. i'm forecasting around 50 degrees. dry with a mix of sun and clouds. a chance of precipitation. it is in the form of rain as we go through tomorrow and wednesday. in the meantime, for today, as we look at the most powerful radar, we are dry and we are scanning the skies, not seeing anything until we go through next couple of days. in the meantime, temperatures, that's the big story of the morning, it's cold in deluth
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with temperature coming in around 23 degrees, we have no windchill, the winds are calm. not as cold but cold nonetheless, you need to bundle up. 27 degrees, a little bit of a windchill now with the winds south, southwest, 2 miles per hour. it's making it feel like 24. bundle up as you head out the door. lose the coat, at least the heavy one. angeles has traffic. good morning to you. on the roadways right now, trouble free around the baltimore region. carroll county police are working to remove an accident and re-open the roadway, 77 and t highway. traffic running without impeding problems on your drive on 29 through howard county. a live look at the beltway, 695, wilkins af, southwest corner, getting crowded as we check the drive times. no major extra drive time
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needed. about five minutes to get to the topside of the beltway on the harrisburg expressway. >> testimony continues today in the hearing of bradley manning, the army private accused of leaking classified information to wikileaks. linda so has more. he is getting support outside of the court walls. >> he has a few supporters who say he is courageous for being a whistle blower. a witness could include classified information. the hearing went on through the weekend. it may take several weeks to describe where man willing be court-martialed. the 24-year-old private is accused of leaking government files to wikileaks. a army investigator testified he found 10,000 diplomatic cables and sensitive information on the work computer. supporters showed up in the
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courtroom, have planned rallies and raised money for defense and say what he did was a courageous act of whistle blowing. >> i'm here because manning is an excellent soldier. a soldier who stood up for truth and integrity. >> manning faces 22 charges if court-martialed and his case goes to trial, he could be sentenced life in prison. north korea wanting people to rally around kim jong-il's son. worrys about the consequences of the region's stability. >> this is the single largest militarily armed zone in the world. we need to ensure that calm and restraint are exercised as a exexly different period of
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transition. >> his son is expected to take over. asian stocks dropped after news of kim jong-il's death. nikke average ended down more than 1%. this could have a ripple effect on the u.s. stock market. that's set to open in 4 hours. searches will resume for a missing man, he was on a sail boat that capsized in the chesapeake bay. a 40 yield man pulled from the water after the accident, he died from the injuries. a 25-year-old woman was seriously injured. police identified a pedestrian killed saturday night in dundalk. 83-year-old, green was crossing near dundalk and baltimore and killed by a saturn. the driver remained on the scene. no charges have been filed. police are look for anyone who may have any information about a murder in west baltimore. a 27 year-old man was shot in the car, near the 200 block of
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north smallwood street. the suspect then took off on foot. barns was the person in the car and he was taken to the hospital and died sunday morning. police are also look for the person who shot and robbed a cab driver, he was on duty when two passengers got in. he pulled in to the parking lot and told police one of the passengers pulled out a gun and demanded cash. the drive says they shot him in the back and ran aey with an un known amount of cash. this week marks the anniversary for the family of fee low sha barns, the 16-year- old visiting baltimore from north carolina and went missing. later her body was found in harford county. kuren redmond is standing by with more on how her family is marking the heart breaking anniversary. >> reporter: this week for sure will be a tough week for the family of fee felecia barns. she was traveling for
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christmas. her often and family membered gathered near the plaza , the place they think she was headed before she went missing. they called the hundred for her rally. cars showed support for the case that has gone unsolved for a year. her pod was found near the dam in april, the family to this day, doesn't know how she died or who is responsible. police are leading the investigation. no arrests have been made. we have been in contact with police who tell us the case is open and on going. detectives say they made progress but wouldn't elaborate on the details.
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felecia barns family is planning a vigil. loved ones set up a website, finds information, disappearance and support and there is a link here for justice for felecia, an on line petition to keep law enforcement aware of the case. also, there is a facebook page, pray for felecia barnes. reporting from the interactive news center, kuren redmond, abc2 news. fbi is looking for headquarters and officials hope they will build in their state. based in the jay edgar hoover building. the selection process could begin this year. if successful the headquarters could be built in prince georges, bringing in 12,000 jobs to the area. have you finished your
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shopping yet? hanukkah is tomorrow and christmas six days away. shoppers are hoping to hook the deals and retailers are hoping the crowds will continue throughout the holidays. stores like macy's, old navy and best buy opening early and closing late. if you are mailing the gifts, today is the busiest shipping day of the year for u.s. postal service. if you are mailg your package today or tomorrow and want to make sure it arrives by christmas, use first class mail. the ravens sunday's game going in, lock for the playoffs. they didn't plan on being a playoff team, or didn't look like it after they got pounded by san diego. final score 34-14, flacco sacked five times, offense could do little with the football. >> our focus has to be on the browns. we still got playoffs.
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all that stuff laying ahead of us, it's simple. we got to win out. >> think about this. kickoff was 8:20 last night. 11:20 baltimore time. playing too late on the west coast. baltimore gearing up for 1:00 p.m. eastern kickoff, saturday afternoon against the browns. do you think the loss of san diego may end hopes of getting number one seed in the playoffs? it's going to be a one, two or a five, depending upon how the season goes. head to the official facebook fan page, weigh in and let us know today, we are talking all things ravens, tom, will it hurt? >> what? >> the loss. >> in deed. scammers maybe pretending to help you keep track of packages and those you are waiting for. the tricks they are using to catch you off guard and costing you more money than you originally thought.
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the healthy way to reverse a diabetic diagnosis and keep it from coming back. cold temperatures are with this morning. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. live look at downtown baltimore, inner harbor, the domino sugar sign. religious display in texas, causing a bit of controversy,
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after 5000 people rallied around a christmas nativity scene, blasting a wisconsin atheist group in efforts to have the display removed. >> our faith, our fight, our religiousness, and our courage. everything is bigger in texas. what we need to stands, jesus christ is the only way. >> the critics believe the church should be separated from government. they threatened to sue over the nativity scene. boxs are headed to your door any day now. scammers are using that to take advantage. joce sterman explains how in this week's scam alert. >> reporter: they've been scanned and loaded on to trucks. now millions of packages are headed to homes across the
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nation, giving scamerers another opportunity to ruin your holiday. they don't want these gifts but wants something else that keeps giving, your personal information and use shipping scams to get it. according to the better business burreau, there is an up tick in the fishing scams which get carried out through email, sending messages like this one, saying packages have been sent. it contains links, as you click them, you could end up with a virus or get to a website that will steal your information. the bbb says never click links sent from an un known source or one that looks legitimate. hold onto the original purchase details for any on line order, and use that to independently track and verify your shipments. that should ensure you don't get wrapped up in this kind of holiday fishing scam.
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ask deliveries be left at neighbor's house. have your holiday gifts sent to work instead. for more information from the work past, head to, look under the money tab. case of winter weather in parts of southwestern wisconsin. snow blanketed the ground in mill milwaukee, the accumulations were light. light conditions expected midday in parts of the southwestern great plains, they are gearing up, a snowstorm shutdown the city of rio rancho. a major winter storm is headed for the region that could bring up to a foot and a half of snow not anything we can expect around here, parts of colorado, kansas, oklahoma, new mexico and texas, they are going to
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get hammered with expected snowstorms. you wish you were there at this time. >> i like the snow. i like four seasons. i like four definitive seasons and with winter. >> we are not in to winter yet. winter is thursday. i would like a white christmas, too. doesn't look like it's going be that. >> some of the models are in disagreement. we are aways out. the models can change just like that. let me show you where the snow is on the satellite and radar as of now. see in to new mexico, the blue stuff there, that's where charlie wishes he was today. we are not sure what is going to happen through time, like i said , the models are not all in agreement, but for today, definitely in agreement, we are not dealing with snow, no type of rain, go back in to indiana and illinois to get the rain across that area. that's forecasted to move in here. i will tell you about that in a
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second. the story of this morning, it's cold. temperatures are below ample, average. in to the afternoon, we will warm up. bundle up this morning with the 26-degree temperature there as we look at the weather patent, we are dealing with high pressure to the south, this is a good thing. this is going to slide towards the east. once it does, that is when the temperatures will begin to warm up in to the afternoon. it's not going to be as cold yesterday. yesterday we were around 42 degrees, that's below, we should be at 44 for a high. today around 50 degrees. we will get a slight warm up as we go in to the afternoon. future trend, not a lot out there this morning. we will see a few clouds pushing in to the picture. we will get a sun-cloud mix because of the fact of moisture coming in. moisture in the fume of rain is possible as we go in to tuesday and in to wednesday. we will be dry for today with the temperature coming in around 50 degrees, and by
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tonight the temperatures will be at 36. mostly cloudy and not as cold as this morning because the clouds will act like a blanket. showers are possible. check of the seven-day forecast, this is an important forecast as we see the first day of winter on thursday , the 22nd and by the weekend, the ravens are playing and christmas sundays, there is a chance for rain showers in the forecast. tell us about the traffic. we will start with the good news, all lanes open on route 77. traveling in carroll county. not good news in baltimore, police are on the scene of a collision. golden ring road and philadelphia road, the good news , the roadway not completely blocked. you may have a tap on the brakes, i-95 now past 175, southbound lanes becoming crowded. here is a live look a at the beltway, more cars are joining the beltway commute, running at a good rate of speed as we check the travel times this morning.
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looking okay, especially on the outer loop west side. 7 minutes from 795 to i-70. health news, women who smoke have higher risk of skins cancer. women with skin cancer are likely to have smoked than those free of the disease. those who smoked 20 years or more are device as likely to develop the skin cell cancer, less aggressive form than the cancer melanoma. ecstasy can alter brain chemistry long-term. it can lead to a drop in ser toe anyone levels -- serotonin levels. 16million americans ages 12 and older reported using ecstasy at some point in their life. some case of diabetes are
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preventable. it can be reversed. in years ing , a man was diagnosed with didn't take medication. he went back to running, dropped 40 pounds, cut out the beer and started eating fewer carbs. his sugar levels are normal. >> he has got to keep up the lifestyle habits for things to stay in the right direction. >> he is willing to do this in order to avoid the complications that come with diabetes. hundreds of palestinian prisoners are home. some for the first time in years. the deal that gave them their freedom. >> there is a new take on the gentlemen's club, in time for the holidays. you are going to never guess where this is. this is an interesting idea.
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welcome back. 26 degrees outside. a live look across the pond at amsterdam, beginning in january of 2012, january 1st, that city's public library system doing away with free wi-fi. time for news, back to the news, released palestinian prisoners celebrating with supporters. the second phase of a prisoner swap. that's the most lopsided deal in israel's history. the freed prisoners hugged relatives and kissed palestinian politicians. checks are morning the death of the former president.
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he led qû;in 199 the velvet revolution. hovel died sup at 75. no word on the cause of death. death toll rises from a topical storm that hit the philippines. we were at 652 confirmed dead. hundreds more continued missing. entire villages were swept away by the rushing waters. the president plans to visit that region coming up on tuesday. heavy snow in china, pandas didn't seem to mind. they played around rolling on the ground and climbing on qbj roofs or standing on their head and eat the snow sometimes as cream. that's something they enjoy being around. 6:26, nintendo comes up with a cool way to launch mario card 7.
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the station that works for you, good morning maryland. moms, things to keep in mind before taking the kids to the holiday parties. the top holiday hazards. investigation in to the
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hazing death of a band member. how this could affect the university's president. christmas presentses and put them in the trunk, the problem, it wasn't her trunk. the mix up that has a woman's holiday, and hopes on edge. good morning maryland i'm charley crowson. let's head over to meteorologist, lynette charles with a check of the forecast for this monday. we were together saturday morning and it was cold. >> that was during the day. this morning, the temperatures are well below average, we are going to warm up in to the afternoon. it's going to take a while. look at the temperatures now in to the 20s, we should be at 27 degrees now for this time of the year. baltimore now is a little bit below that. we were colder earlier this morning. easton's temperature around 28 degrees. york, pennsylvania, 32. we can see oakland 30. that's the only spot at 30 this morning.
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satellite and radar, not a lot across the immediate area, going backwards the west, western maryland and west virginia, and virginia to see a few clouds trying to peep in to the picture here. maybe a few clouds trying to move in. rain showers back in to indiana and illinois. hour by hour forecast through time. lunchtime, the temperature could be around 47 degrees. sunshine with the high around 50 degrees. let's send this over to angela with traffic. good morning, out on the roadways, two trouble spots in harford county, accidents reported on philadelphia road. if you are traveling 95 through harford, southbound, your savings and loandown approaching joppa and the mountain road vee john for disabled vehicle blocking the roadway. traveling on u.s. 29, maryland 108. slow pockets in the southbound direction, making down towards
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the dc region. maryland 100, heavy traffic spots on southbound drive around ellicott city. beltway, in good shape for the most part as we monitor your drive time this morning, especially on the topside from bel air to providence road. 6 minutes to get you through the region. holidays with exciting but if you have a little one, there could be added stress, especially if you are on the road to see family and friends. linda so is here with safety tips. here is something that ads a new level of stress, especially when you have one or two kids. >> if they are little. toddlers are curious people, they love to put things in their mouth and all the decorations on the christmas tree can really attract their attention. parents should watch out or ornaments, tensile and snow. watchout for small holiday treats like candies and nuts.
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while your home maybe child proof your relatives may not be. be careful around electrical outlets, stairs and unlocked cabinets. if you are visiting a house with older kids, beware of toys with small parts. >> we don't give small toys to young babies, but siblings, cousins and households can have the toys that are easily attracted by younger child and end up in their mouth. >> if you're the one hosting a party, remember to clean up all the alcohol before your early riser can get their hands on it the next morning. linda so, abc2 news. a man is facing murder charges and arson charges following a horrific crime in knock. isaac accused of setting a woman on fire reportedly because she ode him money. isaac enters the elevator, dressed as exterminator, he waited for the 73-year-old woman to return and sprayed her
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with a flammable liquid and set her on fire. the woman died at the scene. a fire causes millions in damages, investigators are trying to figure out what started the blaze. one yacht caught fire and spread to three others. one person was treated at a hospital for minor burns. a michigan mother can't believe it. gibson gave away $700 wort of christmas presents by putting them in the wrong car. she dropped off the gifts halfway through the shopping spree. her key opened the trunk of a ford focus. she didn't realize until she finished shopping and things got worse from there. >> i lost my job the day before and this happens. to replace everything back is not going to be easy. >> she is hoping the thrive will have the heart to bring back the gifts.
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men no waiting on the bench, waiting for your wife. one mall created a man cave soft sorts, flush leather recliners and exercise, practice golf swing and play video games. >> this is so different. i've never been to anything like this before. >> men can have someone do the shopping for them while they are having fun. the gifts will be wrapped free of charge. since it's a men's only lounge, -- donations will go to prostate cancer research in canada. tip your barber, mailman, and your favorite hair stylist. coming up next, tips on how much you should tip without going broke. how price of crude oil maybe affecting how much you are going to pay at the pump for
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the holiday season. ?ç
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welcome back. that is a shot of tom, our floor director. video game comes to life for the launch of mario card 7. nintendo commissioned a company to build two carts from the video game. west coast had 30 days to create them in time for the auto show. one is raffled off , the oh is
6:40 am
going to nintendo headquarters. pop singer justin bieber, of course he does, commissioned a third one for himself. same question about tipping and gifting came up during the holiday season. how much is enough? who should you give it to? karen has advice, let's take a look. >> reporter: it's the season of giving, but giving to everyone, gets expensive. a manage your list by keeping it to those you deal with directly. >> your babysitter, child's teacher, hairdresser, doorman, taking care of you on a daily business. your hair salon, cost of one visit divided among those who take care of you, babysitter, one evening's pay and a small gift from the kids.
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newspaper carrier, 10 to $30 in cash or a gift. housekeepers up to one week's pay and or a gift. a tip for a service, as such, is an appropriate for a child's teacher, give them a gift card. to avoid getting caught empty handed when someone has a gift for you, keep small wrapped items in your office or home. >> good to have a couple of bottles of wine with a bow on it. spend an even eve baking cookies and it can cover a lot of material for you and good on the budget. >> reporter: include a handwritten note with your gift. a nice added gesture that won't cost you a thing. handover government secrets from wikileaks. >> the hearing of army private bradley manning. more flailout from am
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university after a drum major is killed after a hazing incident. coming up. dry and cold, but the mild and wet weather is on the move. i will tell you when it will arrive, coming up. now looking at two accidents on philadelphia road. we will let you know if. are lane closures or delays around the beltway. [ female announcer ] ornaments are not for decorating. dad. did you know it's 22 days, 11 hours and 2 minutes to christmas? [ mumbling ] ...enny days, 8 hours, 9 minutes... 18 days, 17 hours... [ mom ] let's go, young lady. [ female announcer ] they're for building excitement for christmas. 12 days, 18 hours... come on. it's no days! [ female announcer ] the hallmark countdown to christmas ornament. 5 hours and 59 minutes and 41...
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40...39... 38...37...36...
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this is your news to go. let's get to wit a check of the forecast, you are trying to head out the door, let's check in with lynette charles. >> it's cold out there this morning. we are definitely going to be dealing with milder temperatures as we go through the the day. before we get mild we will stay cold. make sure you have the warm coat. temperatures in to the 20s, but temperatures are on the upside, we will be milder as we go in to the afternoon with the temperature around 50 degrees, dry with a mix of sun and clouds and a chance of rain moving in to the forecast. speaking of the rain, maryland's most powerful radar is dry. not looking at it around here, this is what we are
6:46 am
forecasting, temperature 31, baltimore, woodbine 22 degrees. millersville 28. see where the temperatures are on the cold side. here is your hour by hour forecast as we will warm up nicely throughout the day. the temperature by 4:00 p.m. will be around 50 degrees. >> good morning, on the roadways now, dealing with a couple of accidents, both on philadelphia road, golden ring at philadelphia road, baltimore county police on the scene there. philadelphia road if you are traveling in harford and joppa, an accident at that location as well. if you are traveling on i-95, a couple of pocket delays making the drive through howard county. a live look at u.s. 50 and i- 97, no reported accidents or delays, making your way from the east on 50 and 97 through arundel county. hearing continues in fort meade for a private accused of
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leaking classified information to wikileaks. this hearing will determines this young man could spend the rest of his life in prison. he could face his life in prison. so far we've had 3 days of testimony, it will continue today, later this morning expecting testimony from a witness that could include class fayed information. the hearing went on through the information, it's expected to last several days but may take weeks to decide if he will be court-martialed. he is leaking government files to wikileaks. on sunday, amy investigator testified he found 10,000 diplomatic cables and sense sensitive information on his work computer. here is what his father had to say.
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>> i would say, you are fing stupid idiot. >> he could spend life in prison. developing news right now, north korea conducted a missile test on the day of the country announced the death of kim jong- il. he died at the age of 69. his son is a great successor to the country's vision. florida am university is going to remain in the spotlight following the hazing death of a marching band member, champion. kuren redmond has new information on the allegations of hazing and the call for the university's president to step down. >> reporter: the hazing death of robert champion, university has been under fire. the governor of florida is calling for the university's president to step down.
6:49 am
rick scott asked the president, dr. james to step aside pending an investigation and newest allegations from hunter who was injured during a hazing incident. groups of students rallied in support saying they are not happy with the actions taken against the university. florida am board of trustees will meet today to vote op recommendations that he be suspended pending completion. >> we as a people need to come together to voice our opinions. my opinion is this, the leadership of the university has been strong. >> champion died aboard a band bus. his death was ruled a homicide caused by severe beating. a third of americans arrested by the time they are 23.
6:50 am
a third, higher than 22% from a study conducted in 1965, analysts used a sample of adolescents collected. convene and take up the senate bill that would extend the payroll tax cut by two months. despite easy approval in the house, it appears headed for trouble in the senate. republicans say they oppose to t bill. john boehner says negotiators need to rewrite to not be a temporary fix of two months. good news if you are driving out of town, gas prices fell more than a nick until the past two weeks. down $0.24 over six weeks. that coincides with a dip in crowd oil price. average is $3.24 a gallon.
6:51 am
baltimore $0.07 less expensive. we are working for you with ways to save at the pump. head to, click on the traffic then gas tabs. enter your zip code to find the lowest price for gas in your neighborhood. time for five things you need to know. hairy hughes and jennings will join martin o'malley in annapolis presenting the plan maryland. the first long range plan for sustainable growth. the plan creates changes say the opponents.
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they got stomped by the now 7- 7 chargers. quarterback philip rivers threw for a score and reached the 4000-yard mark for the fourth season, leaving san diego to a
6:53 am
34-14 win over baltimore. flacco sacked five times and threw two picks. baltimore gearing up for a 1:00 kickoff at mt bank stadium against the browns. do you think the loss to san diego is going to damage the hopes of him getting the top seed in the playoff. how do you think the loss to san diego at san diego is going to effect the team long-term, through the coming season as we get ready for the playoff push. look at this. this is from a texas high school football game, where a cart was on a runaway mode. this is at texas stadium, it hit several coaches and people on the ground. no one was seriously injured because the cart got away. one person tried unsuccessfully to gain control and fell off.
6:54 am
a field worker, look at this, jumped on, stopped it, again, thankfully no one was seriously hurt. this is going to be a video clip of the day. monkey, riding a dog. this was halftime at the denver broncos game with the patriots. a monkey riding a dog. it was funny. look at the dog or the monkey, he is seriously holding on to dear life. that's going to make the rounds all day today on that. it's hilarious. >> he was really riding it. that was funny. satellite, radar, we are clear but we are starting to see a few clouds across the area. that's what i'm forecasting throughout the day on the southerly flow. we are still cold because we are not dealing with a lot of clouds out. there temperature in the baltimore, 26 degrees, these
6:55 am
temperatures are below average and will soar to above average in to the afternoon. as you head out the door, take the warm coat because you will need it. this is what i want to show you, as we go through the day. the high pressure will slide off towards the east. once it does, you get a return flow around high pressure. it's a southerly flow, that warms us up. temperatures will be mild than what we saw yesterday and felt yesterday. future trend is not picking up on a lot in terms of moisture. the moisture is going to come in the form of a few clouds. ample sunshine throughout the day. warm moisture as we go in to your tuesday, and also wednesday possible. 50 degrees for today is when i'm forecasting. the temperature will be around 36 tonight. not as cold. by tomorrow, at 47 degrees with showers in the forecast. here is a check of the seven- day forecast, the fist day of winter moving in on thursday. by friday, we could see showers
6:56 am
and that will linger in to the weekend. christmas might be on the wet side. working two accidents on philadelphia road at golden ring road, also at joppa, also starting to see a lot of heavy back ups, especially traveling on the beltway and on i-95 south of the city, a life look at 95, howard county, southbound delays going to be as you get closer to the capitol beltway. t 95 north of baltimore, mailed 43, cars are lining up south as you make your way to the topside to the fort mc henry tunnel. slow traffic on the beltways west side. 695, wilkins after. west side delay in effect on the east side. delays through the dundalk area. >> correcting a story we were talking about the payroll tax cut extensions in congress, the senate approved this measure 89- 10, we said it was the house that approved it. the house will vote on it today. thus the reason john boehner
6:57 am
said they need to think long- term instead of short-term. time to new york for good morning america. back in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. and breaking news. north korean dictator kim jong-il dies suddenly. >> are we headed for a nuclear showdown? how hard will it be for you to get home for the holidays? because of the weather. sam is tracking the vanished. a toddler disappeared from her bedroom in the middle of the night in the freezing cold. what really happened to baby ayla? her mother speaks out this morning.
7:01 am
good morning, everyone. we're going to show you right now. new pictures coming in. north koreans weeping and wailing, collapsing and mourning after learning the death of kim jong-il. >> the state tv announcer there unable to hide her emotions announcing the leader's death. >> and there is military tension across the region. word that north korea has tested a short-range military. president obama has reached out to the south korean leader overnight. and in north korea, potential power struggles behind the scenes. >> bob woodruff is one of the few reporters to report from north korea. you were there october 2010. >> that's right. about 13 months ago. those three times i was there, we learned very little about the
7:02 am
new leader, kim jong-un. the neighboring countries are gets ready for what could happen next. there are unconfirmed reports of short-range missile tests. concerns in this very isolated country. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: the announcement of kim's death came during a special broadcast from the state media, saying the dear leader, as he was known, has succumbed to a heart ailment on saturday while travel on a luxury train he often used. overnight in a seemingly staged gathering, state television showed north koreans mourning. [ crying ] >> reporter: for over 60 years, his family has kept tight reign
7:03 am
over the kingdom. directing much of the country's resources of building an army of over 1 million soldiers whoil allowing the people to starve. during his rise to power, intelligence reports portrayed him as a playboy. he was said to have a collection of more than to,000 foreign films. his vanity knew no bounds. he wore designer sunglasses in public. his small stature was hidden by shoes with lifts. >> it's a regime with weapons of mass destruction. states like these and their terrorist allies constitute an axis of evil. >> reporter: kim jong-il took over after his sister, kim ill
7:04 am
so song died in 1994. after suffering a stroke in to 08, he began to look weak and frail. we saw him last october while reporting in north korea. i don't know if you can see this or not, but kim jong-il is really limping. it was during that event that his 20-something son, kim jong-un, appeared on the stage. he, too, so much of a mystery. now the question is where this young successor will lead his country's nuclear program. and what will happen to the people of north korea. and now, kim jong-il's body son display in the memorial palace in pyongyang, where his father's body still is. there will be a funeral service on december 28th. >> you have a unique perspective. >> it's been an interesting
7:05 am
trip. let's go to jake tapper. how is the white house responding this morning? >> right now, the message from the white house is one of urging calm, of letting the transition take place. behind the scenes, obviously, the south koreans are very nervous. this is potentially a very volatile situation. the new leader, kim jong-un, is thought to be somebody that could potentially want to prove himself in the coming weeks and months. want to show the military regime, the country, that he is tough, because he's had so much to prove. he's so young, so untested. he's thought to have been one of the reasons we you might remember last year the north koreans torpedoed a south korean naval ship. there's a lot of speculation that the new president, kim jong-un, is one of the reasons that happened. he had just been appointed a
7:06 am
four-star general by his father. and there's the domestic publics of south korea. the leader there was criticized for not responding aggressively enough against that situation. the white house is trying to defuse tensions. >> going forward, how do you think the white house will approach this new young leader? >> i think it will be a wait and see approach. obviously, there was potential for some sort of reconciliation with kim jong-il early in the obama administration. they were debating whether or not to reach out, to try to bring him and his country in from its hermit status into the community of nations. and with the nuclear activities, the testing of a nuclear device, that plan went away. i'm sure that there is potential for something there. but right now, there is just caution. and everybody urging calm, not wanting to accelerate what could
7:07 am
be a very, very volatile situation. just to bring two things into the conversation. one this is not like the foreign policy debate where the u.s. is deciding whether or not to get involved. we're involved. we have 28,000 troops there. the second point has to do with the relationship that the u.s. wants to encourage the new leader to have with the community of nations. >> very important to point that out. thank you, jake. jake tapper at the white house. let's get more from our new global affairs anchor, christiane amanpour. you have reported from north korea several times. this is a volatile situation. that's what the norm former ambassador, bill richardson said this morning. >> it's been everybody's worst nightmare, a sudden collapse of the north korean state. and that people thought might be triggered by the sudden death of
7:08 am
the leader. though he had suffered a stroke in 2008, the fact that he died so suddenly has taken people and caught them offguard. north korea and south korea have years and years of instability between them. china is also very worried. nobody can predict what's going to happen. here in great britain, the foreign secretary said this could be a turning point, urging the north koreans to come back to reengagement with the national community. it's the nuclear situation that is such a great worry. successive american presidents have said they will not tolerate a nuclear north korea. it is a nuclear north korea. can they encourage them to suspend their nuclear program? >> and where this goes depends on how much control the new
7:09 am
leader has. he was only anointed about a year and half ago by h fair. there's some concern he may want to show how tough he is. on the other hand, western officials hold out hope because he was educated for a time in switzerland, that he may be open to engagement. >> precisely. when kim il song died, they were concerned. people are concerned now. there is a new environment now. the world is different than it was when kim jong-il took over. people will take a lot of hope in the ability to bring the new leader, heir apparent, to try to bring him into some kind of dialogue. as you know, there's been many reports of american envoys having talks with the north koreans over the last several months about suspending, again,
7:10 am
their nuclear program. this probably will be on hold for awhile unless the succession plays out. >> thank you, christiane. new video shown on state tv identifies that man as an iranian man from arizona. no comment from washington. it's not the first time iran has claimed to capture a spy. few of those claims can be vary fied. in egypt, more than a dozen people have been killed in violent new street protests. more than 400 people have been injured thus far. the violence flaring over the weekend after these images, in part, showing a female protester being partially stripped and beaten went viral online. a man in new york has confessed to a shocking crime,
7:11 am
burning a grandmother to death in her apartment building elevator. the suspect, the local handy man, wearing a backpack canister holding the gas he used to douse the victim with before setting her on fire with a lighter. he claimed she owed him some $2,000. a sharp increase in the number of young americans being arrested. nearly 1 in 3 americans will be arrested before their 23rd birthday. experts credit no tolerance policies and other adolescent crimes. it's the end of the road for saab today. they filed for bankruptcy liquidation. and on day when ton defeated green bay packers fell from glory. tim tebow just couldn't sustain the magic against tom brady and
7:12 am
the new england patriots. tebow and the brong coast coming off a six-win streak sort of crashed back to reality. three second quarter fumbles didn't help things. they did, though, lose 41-23. in typical tebow fashion, he's keeping the faith. he said it was a big loss. but it only presents bigger opportunities for the team to turn things around. probably helps that the broncos are still in first place this morning. you know who did look good? >> tom brady. did you see him spike that ball? >> i want to take a peek, though, because "snl" had a very special guest star over the weekend. it was, in fact, gjesus, who visited tim tebow. do we not have the clip? there it is. he shows up and says he appreciates the support but maybe if you can stop mentioning my name so much. >> you know who had a great
7:13 am
sunday? your saints. >> and the colts won for the first time. all kugt up caught up on th. now to politics. your voice, your voigt. newt gingrich scrapped a planned weekend off to dispute charges. jon karl is here with a story. >> reporter: by peaking now, gingrich has become target number one for all of the over candidates with just two weeks before the iowa caucuses. he's under fire from every direction. mitt romney made his first appearance on a sunday talk show in nearly two years, using the opportunity to take aim, once again, at newt gingrich. >> he sat down with nancy pelosi and spoke in favor of legislation with climate change. he's been unreliable. and zany. >> reporter: he's under assaults from all the candidates, especially in iowa, where the
7:14 am
airwaves are filled with ads attacking him. >> the fact that he was fined $300,000 for ethics violations -- >> reporter: both michele bachmann and rick perry are touring iowa by bus. >> he may be the grandfather of ear earmarks. >> he was pocketing $1.6 million. >> reporter: she's upset about the way he speaks to her at debates. >> sometimes she doesn't get facts accurately. a lot of what you say isn't true. >> what he said sounded very con descending, like he was talking down to me, as though i was one of his students. >> reporter: gingrich's response, for the most part, he's ignoring all of it. over the weekend, he was in virginia at yet another book signing. this one for the children's book his wife wrote. lately, he barely mentions the
7:15 am
names of his opponents. instead, he's offering history lessons on the courts and the presidency. >> the founding fathers wanted a balance of power between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. >> reporter: over the weekend, he sound like someone who wanted to be professor in chief, not commander in chief. he's promising to run a positive campaign, a tough promise to make when you're under attack. >> we've been following the tax cut fight. 120 million americans with taxes set to go up on january 1st if this tax cut is not extended. it looked like it passed other the weekend in the senate. a huge majority. there's been a revolt among the house republicans. it's in jeopardy. >> there's a real possibility this does not pass.
7:16 am
both sides have dug in. i spoke to a top house democrat, they said the republicans have a choice of doing what passed in the senate taking the blame for 120 million americans having their taxes go up. we've launched a new political website. we have a political stock market. each contender is being valued based on expert analysis. join the market at now, prince william and his brother, harry, adding the term hero to their resume. now it's harry to the rescue. nick watt has the latest. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is the story of the prince and the friend in need. it might end up with prince harry becoming the first british
7:17 am
royal ever to testify in a criminal trial. these chaps are like the fantastical princes of old. >> hello, wembley! >> reporter: easy on the eye and tough. william's day job is high adrenaline choerp pilot. >> they're action boys. it's the sort of thing harry would do. he's a man. >> reporter: whether he's patrolling the mean streets or there's a friend in need on the genteel avenue in london, he's your man. harry was chatting on the phone to an old prep school chum who was taking a stroll in south london. then harry heard a kerfuffle and the line went dead. then i'm imagining a bat car from an underground lair. harry and his security detail
7:18 am
sped to the scene of the crime, searching for the young chap who was, by the way, an you shaller at williams a wedding. he's one of the prince's closest friends. harry headed for the local police station, where friend, minus cell phone was found, safe and well. hooray. and later, the police, not harry, apprehended the alleged mugger. >> had he caught him, no say what would have happened. harry's a tough guy. a tough nut to crack. >> reporter: all's well that ends well. and harry didn't even get his hands dirty. apparently he's back with his 25-year-old lingerie model just the time for the holidays, robin. a tough life being a prince. >> you had to get that in, didn't you? let's get over the sam. a little rainy in london. >> that might not surprise you.. we're -- winter starts thursday morning, just after we roll into
7:19 am
thursday. already blizzard warnings on the board. new mexico, texas, oklahoma, on into kansas, this is where the storm really winds up. most of the pop lated city or urban areas will not get a lot of snow. it will be wide open in the plains, an awful lot of snow. the powerful part of the storm kicks up lightning. wouldn't be surprised to see tornadoes. this week, a lot of folks are traveling. a good part of the south will have to watch for violent to strong thunderstorms. it will likely slow down the air travel.
7:20 am
in to the afternoon, on the mild side as we hit the 4:00 time frame , the temperature around 50 degrees. we will get sunshine as well. sun cloud mix throughout the day. as we move in to your tuesday, we have a chance of showers that will linger in to wednesday but mild, 57 degrees, the first day of winter moves in on thursday. >> a little personal forecast for robin and george. when you step outside in just a minute, the real chill is in. it gets better as the day goes on. >> thank you for that, sam. coming up, the desperate
7:21 am
search for a missing toddler who vanished from her bedroom in the middle of the night. and the chilling home invasion caught on tape. how this young girl hid from intruders just steps away from her. hi. you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. [ male announcer ] identity thieves never stop coming up with ways to steal from you.
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7:26 am
good morning everyone. we have cold temperatures this morning, check out what we have in to the afternoon. milder, high near 50 degrees. we will see dry times ahead and
7:27 am
a mixture of sun and clouds, we will have a chance for rain moving in to the picture. maryland's most popular radar is dry. that's the way it should stay through the rest of the evening and afternoon. now, cold in to lutherville. averaging around 27. 30s annapolis, through remainder of today, temperature coming in around 50 degrees. over to angela with the traffic. on the roadways for your monday morning drives police on the scene of an accident on 170, reese road. stop and go traffic southbound 895, as you approach the harbor tunnel. making the drive on u.s. 29, no major backups but pocket slowdowns north on 29. heading towards i-70. a life look at 695s harford. the beltway north side backed between white marsh and perry parkway. testimony resumes in the hearing of manning, the army
7:28 am
private accused of leaking classified information to wikileaks. the hearing went through the weekend and expected to last several days but may take several weeks to decide whether man willing be court-martialed. a third of americans will be arrested by the time they are 23. 22% higher than 1965. they used national samplings. sears last one-day sale of the year thursday, 7 am! 55%-65% off coats, sweaters, and pajamas with savings pass. an extra 10% off bed, bath, and kitchen. plus, fashion boots up to 65% off. shop same great deals, preview wednesday! sears
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7:30 am
911, where is your emergency? >> i think there's somebody in hi house. i don't know who. >> so calm. >> so calm. you could hear the robbers in the background. that was a 13-year-old girl trapped in her bedroom. the intruders were steps away from her hiding place. we have the chilling moments caught on tape coming up. also ahead. a dramatic twist for the millionaire convicted of murdering his wife. why his latest move has landed him under medical observation right now. >> took a whole bunch of pills right after that. big news for britney spears.
7:31 am
she's engaged. let's hope it lasts. now for the frantic search of ayla reynolds. police have called on the fbi for help. linsey davis is in waterville, maine, for the latest. >> reporter: good morning. this is where she was last seen on friday night. several adults were inside her father's house at the time, including one nonfamily member. police are not ruling anybody out. police can plan to continue the search this morning, scouring the neighborhood where 20-month-old ayla reynolds was last seen. on sunday, k-9 units were brought in. she spend friday night here at her father's house. he said he put her to bed around 8:00. he says hen he checked on her saturday morning, she was gone.
7:32 am
>> last seen wearing green pajamas with white polka dots that said daddy's princess on the front. >> reporter: her parents live separately and share custody of the toddler. >> he would help me out. take care of her so i could get on my feet. we've been unable to get along the that's few weeks to work together. >> reporter: she filed paper work to get sole custody of the child one day before she went missing. >> he didn't know i went to file them. he'll know now. i never told him. no one told him. >> reporter: she says she hasn't spoken to their daughter's father since she disappeared. >> i've had no contact with him. he's the last man to see my daughter. i want to know where she is. >> reporter: though they're not speaking to each other, both sides of ayla's family appear to be cooperating with the police.
7:33 am
>> we were able to speak to them at length, the dad, the mom, some ore relatives. they were, as far as we can see, very forthcoming. >> i want ayla home with her family. with her mother, with her. a. a -- pap pap, with her grandmother. i pray she's safe. >> reporter: we reached out to ayla's father for a comment and haven't heard a response. she was last seen wearing a soft cast. she had apparently fallen and broken her arm a few weeks ago. >> we're going bring in brad garrett. murky custody details to say the least. when a child goes missing, you look at the parents first? >> absolutely. the leading cause of death for children under 5 is at the hands of their parents. i'm not suggesting that either
7:34 am
parent did anything. the key is to understand their relationship. the custody issues. the circumstances surrounding little ayla in the last 24 hours. did they take her someplace they normally didn't take her? was there somebody that made a comment to her in a park? is there motivation for one of the parents to move the child, maybe harm the child, hopefully not. that will be the key factor. i just don't buy that this 20-month-old walked out of a house. tths 5 degrees, 10 degrees, she's not been found. you're not going to get very far in pajamas in weather like that. i have worked missing kids where the child has crawled to another location, a crawl space. >> they find them in a relatively short amount of time. >> i don't think that works in this case.
7:35 am
>> we heard in linsey's report, she apparently broke her arm. it was in a soft cast. how does that factor in? >> what are the circumstances around how that arm was broken? you want to look at physical abuse of children when you're looking for them. i would want to know all the circumstances as to what happened to her arm being broken. >> and if they're able to clear the parents, then you just bradden the circumstance al little bit? >> but you also do the immediate family. the grandparents, anybody that has regular contact with that child, day care folks. someone that comes in the house and watches the child. all of those people, you're going need to check out. the key is, elimination or not. >> all right, brad, thank you very much. hopefully they'll get a break in the case that they need soon. we're going to turn to the latest twist in the case of the florida mill nair convicted of murdering his wife. he apparently tried to kill
7:36 am
himself over the weekend right after getting sentenced to 30 years in prison. matt gutman has the details. >> reporter: if this was indeed a suicide attempt, when he's transferred back to the jail, bob ward will be under suicide watch. the man that had everything, a multimillion dollar mansion, a thriving business, will be stripped over everything in his cell and allowed to wear a single item of clothing, called a dignity garment. he was the suspect dancing this jig for his daughter. abc news has learned that this morning, he's under medical observation after officials said he had taken the over the counter pain reliever ibuprofen above the recommended dosage. he had taken over 20 tablets in an apparent suicide attempt.
7:37 am
it was just hours after he was given effectively a life sentence. i will sentence you t years in prison. >> reporter: this week, he'll go to a state penitentiary. it's far away from the mansion where he killed his wife. his daughters, mallory -- >> justice for my mom is not locking my dad behind bars the rest of his life. it's giving our family a second chance. >> reporter: and sara ward. >> his innocence breaks my heart to see him behind bars. both of them incensed and heart broken by the judge's ruling. during the sentencing, their father, noticeably gaunt. >> you were not there when your mother ended up shot in the face. >> reporter: a dramatic and -- >> sh.
7:38 am
>> reporter: his own voice betraying him. >> i just shot my wife. >> you just what? >> i just shot my wife. she's dead. she's done. i'm sorry. >> reporter: the couple was drowning in debt, ward unable to pay his $17,000 a month mortgage. hours after his arrest, kicking up his feet, confident he would be home soon. >> i have nothing to be worried about, other than i just tried to get the gun out of her hand. >> reporter: that confidence has given way to deupon dense. he has to serve a minimum of 25 years in prison. if he lives that long, he'll be 88 when he's released. time for the weather and sam. >> you can go from the mild temperatures in the southwest at the coastline right up into the mountains and pick up good amts of snow.
7:39 am
mt. laguna fill a bucket, driver it back down, play with it in the neighborhood. this is moving into blizzard conditions today. here's a place where you need snow. but you're not going to get it. look at minneapolis. this year, 8 inches, last year at this time, 34. syracuse, chicago, fargo, all in a snow drought. so far, winter has not been favorable. milder air in the northeast today and into tomorrow. we'll stay mild through wednesday in boston. >> all that weather was brought to you by jared, the galleria of yulery. coming up, wedding bells for
7:40 am
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we're back at 7:43. now to britney spears getting ready to head down the aisle again. the pop star engaged to her former agent. chris connelly has all the details. >> reporter: we watched her soar. ♪ i'm not that innocent
7:44 am
>> reporter: from oops, we saw her swerve into sultty. making out with madonna on stage. so edgy and oh, so young. then we saw her disintegrate, shaving her head, strapped to a gurney. a 24/7 paparazzi pin cushion. a lip-synching shift. now, at 30, a mother of two sons and two failed marriages, the only thing driving her crazy these days is this man. ♪ mama i'm in love with a criminal ♪ >> reporter: he's no criminal. he's her former agent. >> he proposed to her in front of her children. >> reporter: tonight was one of the most amazing nights in my
7:45 am
life. they kicked it in vegas over the weekend and celebrated jason's 40th birthday. with its 90-plus stoens, her ring is more rocky than her past. ♪ cry me a river >> reporter: she was married to jason alexander for all of 55 hours. and her 2004 wedding to dancer kevin fedderline, guests wore track suits. after years of anguish, she is seen sane, smiling, and sweet on her guy. yea! the audience always rooted for her. if she's happy, they will be as well. no hater-ade for her, ever. >> it appears she's doing well. >> we saw her so vulnerable. now she seems happy.
7:46 am
>> thanks, chris. coming up, josh has the "play of the day" with a special guest star. and moms by day. something totally different by night. why a growing number of mothers are making, well, let's say a surprising choice. what am i -- invisible? are you serious? don't get involved. everybody's bumping me! [ crying ] [ female announcer ] just go to walgreens. one simple trip to fill all those stockings. and don't forget the hershey's kisses chocolates. and we're open late to help you finish your list. happy holidays and from all of us at walgreens we wish you well. [ female announcer ] shopping simplified. with walgreens...there's a way. [ female announcer ] shopping simplified. [ growling ] captain, one step at a time.keep going! come on, snowy. look! did you ever see a more beautiful sight? captain! it's just a mirage. - snowy? what is it, boy? - [ barks ] what do you see? [ yipping ] [ woman announcing ] just like snowy, your dog's one of a kind.
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here's "the play of the day. xwts. >> just hanging out? >> just hanging out. the couch is off thely crowded today. look who we have. >> hey, josh. >> serena is going to have a real hard time with this. you're performing later today. we saw halloween house with "party rock anthem" a bit earlier this year. that house, decided hey, why not, after the amas, they got the christmas version, and it's sexy and i know it. let's take a look. all synched to the song.
7:51 am
you have seen it actually. >> yeah, yeah. >> you worked something out with them? >> we met the guy, kevin jones, who programs the house. met his family. great family. and -- >> they're great. >> and we wanted him to work on the amas. you know. >> and so it worked out. >> it worked out. >> amazing. >> look at this. healthy gifts for the holiday. you can relieve stress through a gift of a massage. what is the best technique? go to for the answer. sears last one-day sale of the year thursday, 7 am! save up to 50% on all tool storage. save $370 on this samsung 40-inch led tv.
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oh, still to come here, you
7:56 am
know the song and the other song. and this guy and that guy behind me. though it would have been better if you would have worn a suit, i think. good morning, we are waking up to plenty of sunshine this morning. we will be on the cold side. a few clouds working in here, some rain showers back in to ohio. these are the temperatures, 28 degrees in to baltimore. more in to easton. more of the same frederick. you will need the warm coat. in the afternoon, high pressure is going to start to do its thing as it slides off. we will warm things up as we get a southerly flow and
7:57 am
possibly showers, rain showers in the forecast as we go through tomorrow and maybe even on wednesday. in the meantime, we will stay dry, temperatures topping out around 50 throughout the day. sun-cloud mix and tonight, mostly cloudy skies, temperature around 36 degrees, it will not be as cold. by tomorrow, the forecast, 47 degrees, plenty of clouds hovering with showers possible, take the rain gear with you out and about for tomorrow. good morning, for your monday morning drive, check on the baltimore beltway, no accidents reported. we have drey on debris on the inner loop. delays on 29, through the columbia region. 695, baltimore national pike, you are on the brakes between
7:58 am
liberty and baltimore national pike on the west side outer loop and also a slow trip southbound 83, from the beltway headed in to downtown here cold spring lane. southbound traffic on the right side of your screen. back to new york and good morning america. óñ
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ every day i'm shuffling you know how much we love to party rock around here. that song made the group lmfao instant pop stars. they're here again this morning to perform their newest hit live, because they're going to wiggle it wiggle it. what a great way to start the week. sam hand josh have never been happier because we can go back to the cameos. >> go, go, go. >> go. >> we tried. >> he was wiggling all right.
8:01 am
>> good wiggle. >> we all enjoyed it. also ahead, moms are making a surprising choice working as phone sex operators. the numbers have jumped by 400% in recent months. we'll talk to them about why they're doing it, what their husbands say. >> okay. all right. and we're counting down to christmas with emeril, when he's not wiggling. he's cooking up a special treat. it's chosen by you guys. what a delicious choice. let's get news from josh. we're going begin with the death of kim jong-il. the eccentric and brutal dictator. the news came on the state broadcast, saying the dear leader, as he was known, died of a heart attack at 69. soon after, videos showed footage of people wailing.
8:02 am
as a precaution, south korea put its military on alert. the president spoke to the president of south korea overnight. meanwhile, tax breaks for 120 million americans could be in jeopardy this morning. house republicans have rejected a republican compromise. social security taxes will go up by about 20% if a deal is not reached. meanwhile, newt beginning vich feeling the heat in the runup to the iowa caucuses. one poll shows ron paul in the lead in iowa, with newt gingrich in third. facing relentless attacks, he skrapd his plan weekend off to skeez in squeeze in an appearance on a sunday talk show. beginning rich also took shots from michele bachmann and rick
8:03 am
perry. a true nightmare. a young girl was sick, home alone, as ars broke into her apartment. she was listening as they got closer and closer. she was able to keep her wits about her. ron claiborne has the rest of the story. >> reporter: in the movie "taken," a teenage girl hides from intruders who have broken into a apartment where she's staying. a similar scenario in harrison township. this was real. >> do you have a lock on your bedroom door? >> yeah, but they're here. >> they're what? >> reporter: chloe was all alone this her family's home when she heard something. >> 911, what is your emergency? >> i think there is someone in my house. >> reporter: someone was inside. two intruders going room to
8:04 am
room. >> i saw a guy looking through the table drawer at the front door. she hears the burglars approaching her room. she kroushs between her bed and the wall. they're now entering her room. one of them is standing a few feet away. >> where are you? under the bed? >> almost. >> just lay quiet. i can listen, okay. >> reporter: somehow, the intruders don't see her. they leave with the family's christmas gifts and head for their van down the street, where the police are waiting. the suspects under the out to be two 19-year-old men. one of them was an acquaintance of chloe's. >> a 13-year-old girl took two criminals off the street with her composure and strength. we can't ask for more. >> she is a true, true hero. that is terrific. >> so poised. pop new, speaking of poised.
8:05 am
good morning, everybody. and to you. so, you think they would be resting up with the that point with less than a week to go before they're big night. santa's reindeer. dasher took home the big prize. >> seriously? >> yeah. a trophy filled can carrots. one bystander said they were so fast, they looked like they were, quote, flying. >> they have to say, we didn't sign up for this. >> it just helps them get ready. dasher won by a nose. >> you were just waiting to say that, weren't you? >> a red nose. my kids are watching. it's christmas. all right, moving on to hollywood. tom cruise and his impossibly boyish good looks. 25 year since he made top gun. now, at age almost 50, he's not
8:06 am
aged. he attributed it to having no sugar, white flour in his diet. and he swears by water. at least ten glasses day. as tmz asked, is it good genes or good docs? who knows, who cares. let's look at this picture. in james bond news -- how did that picture get up there. >> oh, boy. >> at least five more opportunities to see daniel craig at finest. he's been offered a deal to make five more films. it will make him the longest serving 007 in history. who had made the least? george lazenby? picture. anybody? how did that get in there again? oops, i didn't mean for that. >> i never heard of george
8:07 am
lazenby. >> see that outfit. the inspiration for austin powers. >> roger moore was mine. >> i'm going with daniel craig. he's fantastic, not just because of the bathing suit. our very own george stephanopoulos has made the 2011 beth mannered list. he was number six on their list for "extending warmth and kindness to "good morning america" guests." who could be more polite than you? kate middleton. justin bieber came in second. >> alli is waiting with a descenting opinion. >> i asked george. i had an interview. he said it's simple. always remember please and thank you. he always tries not to
8:08 am
interrupt. which perhaps we all might take a lesson of. congratulations, george. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> it's a big deal. >> it's a first. >> definitely not the last. >> sam, time to come in here. hey, how are you? george, you're incredibly polite. keep, keep, keep going. go that way, go that way. keep going, keep going. i want you to see everybody who is filling times square this morning. the entire crowd. you don't have to show that sign. but wait -- it's a party in times square, apparently this holiday week. make sure you're here. here's what's happening in your world this morning. the milder air going all the way on the eastern seaboard. we're chilly. we don't care. we're making our own heat.
8:09 am
sir, you're dressed like an elf. you're a giant elf. i just realized that. now back to the weather boards. that mild air will stay in place. it's a colder pocket of air in the great lakes today. here's what happens. the moisture stays to the south. it's north texas, western oklahoma, on into kansas. a little part of colorado as well.
8:10 am
>> justin, you're from where? >> houston, texas. >> anybody that dresses like an elf, we'll put you on tv. more from times square in the next half hour. >> mission accomplished justin. here's a look at what we have coming up. the new face of the phone sex industry. why a growing number of moms are taking care of the kids by day and talking to strangers by night. plus, ultimate shopping secrets. all part of our big countdown to christmas. and emeril is here with a special holiday treat chosen by you guys. even santa will be impressed. stay with us on "gma."
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
♪ every day i'm shuffling >> wow, it just brings it all back. so, are you ready to party rock? are you fill in the blank and you know it? lmfao with their new hit live. go nowhere.
8:14 am
8:15 am
shop kmart and get after christmas prices now... at the big bling blowout! get up to 75% off all fine jewerly... like these 2-carat diamond rings, just $229.99 each... plus jewelry boxes are 60% off! now that's kmart smart. shop kmart and get after christmas prices now... at the christmas blowout sale! buy one get one half off on these toys... and get up to 50% off all fashion boots and family slippers... plus find thousands of gifts for under $10! now that's kmart smart. coming up, "good morning america"'s fall concert series, presented by kmart. phone sex has become a big business here in the u.s. most of the operators used the work out of call centers. it's fast becoming work you can do from home. a growing number of young moms have decide it's the best way to make ends meet. i was surprised by this.
8:16 am
>> there are actually a growing number of moms with young kids actively seeking out phone sex operator work. the advantage tajs are many. ability to work from home, flexible hours to work around their kids' scheduled. and the added house hold income. the moms we talk to say talking dirty to strangers is not necessarily something they like doing. but they feel it's necessary to support their families. a typical day for this 45-year-old mom includes, walking the dog, straightening her son's room, and a load of laupdry. it includes stepping into a home office to work as a home operator. >> oh, sweet hear, i'm happy to talk to you about that. i look at what i do as a business. it happens to deal with sex. >> reporter: this single mom, who goes by the name of star is in the alone. >> i'm victoria. >> reporter: a large number of the phone lines advertised in ads like this are actually
8:17 am
voiced by moms like this. thousands of moms work in the u.s. at p.s.o.s, or phone sex operators. the numbers are growing. in the last 18 months, the numbers of mothers of young children pursuing phone sex work has jumped 400%. desperate times calling for desperate measures? >> desperate times, desperate measures. >> reporter: chris runs rat race rebellion. more and more of the women who contact her are actively seeking employment in the phone sex industry. >> i've tried everything. it's come to the point where my family son food stamps. we're looking at foreclosure. this is the fastest way to get my family back on their feet. >> reporter: many of the mothers say they would like to work outside the sex industry. those jobs are not available. >> i've applied to 20 to 30
8:18 am
different jobs like mal walmart or subway, a fast food place. i haven't gotten picked up in my area. >> reporter: aubrey, who has a 3-year-old son says working as a phone sex operator is difficult and often disturbing. >> it's nothing i ever thought i would be doing. having to get used to the weirdos out there, married men with children, divorced men, sometimes there's a couple that will call. more recently, there's been a few women calling. >> reporter: at times, the 22-year-old says she feels disgusted speaking intimately with strangers while her son sleeps down the hall. working as a phone actress is as far as she's willing to go. >> i would never want to take off my clothes for anyone or fulfill these fantasies for anyone. >> reporter: aubrey's goal, to save enough money to finish her schooling and get a job as a
8:19 am
medical transcriptionist. lynn says she's thought about getting out of the business. when she does the math, it doesn't add up. >> i've made over $1,000 in a course of a day. >> reporter: those benefits have not been lost on lynn's husband who has come the accept what she does for a living. >> she has the ability to bring if a lot extra. to not have to worry about where we're going to get food or the electric shut off, that's a big deal. >> reporter: while more and more moms are pursuing jobs in the phone sex industry, society has opinions. i found it out on the streets of new york. >> i don't know that i would want to promote that for my children. >> reporter: would you let your kid go play at the house of a friend who worked as a phone sex operator. >> no.
8:20 am
>> reporter: interesting. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: star says she knows many want to judge her for what she does. to them, she insists her line of work doesn't make her a pad mom. >> i get to spend time with my son. i have to go to an office when i work. but the office is just one room away from my living room. i take a call for a half hour or an hour, i'm back with my son again. >> reporter: is there ever a chance your some could hear you on the phone with one of the callers? >> i talk very softly. it's sexier. >> reporter: star says her 8-year-old has only the vaguest idea of what her occupation entails. when your son asks you, what do you do? >> i get paid to talk on the phone. >> reporter: when he asks more detailed questions, she says she's prepared to come clean. but for now, she, and lynn, and aubrey, say they'll continue to take care of their children by day and make time for dirty talk
8:21 am
at night, all in an effort to keep their kids clothed and a roof over their heads. >> your priority is to financially and emotionally be there for your children. >> i'm doing it for my child. we need the extra money to make sure he has everything he needs. >> so, the women do this from home. is there any danger here that somehow they can be tracked by these guys? >> reporter: the company we spoke to said they take great pains to make sure that the woman's identity is secret. ultimately, though the women say it can get dicey sometimes uncomfortable for them, they feel like they have the final say when to end the call. >> the companies are above board? >> we spoke to rat race they've been tracking women, getting jobs, placing women in work, especially at home. what they have found is these
8:22 am
companies and women are teaming up quite well. the xraens reputable the. they can actually proiz benefits at some point. they direct deposit into the women's accounts. the women, the stability, the added income outweighs the uncomfortable feeling. >> wow. a brand new trend. elisabeth hasselbeck, thanks so much. >> all righty then. now to the count you for christmas! the ultimate savings secrets with the week end "gma" anchor bianna golodryga. these are designer pieces and discount prices. >> good morning. a search filled with potential traps. you have to be careful. i enlisted the assistance of an expert in style trends. we hit stores, scooped up amazing deals. you can, too. here's how. walk into your local off-priced
8:23 am
retailer -- and you'll find a treasure trove of designer labels at discounted prices. clothes. shoes. and bags at up to 60% off. everything seems like a deal. but sniffing out the real finds at a t.j. maxx, marshall's, or nordstrom rack can be tough. >> it's kind of overwhelming. i walk into a store like this. the first question is where do i start first? first tip, walk in with an open mind. >> you can't come in saying i want a hot pick cocktail dress with lace around the collar. here, it's about the thrill of the find. >> reporter: often, high-end designers make too much of a product or a department store
8:24 am
buys too much. each season, off-price retailers come in and buy them at a discount. they slash the prices. >> i just found these bags. >> this is mark jacobs. >> $895. now it's $296. >> reporter: we got a tur of the supersecret handbag room at t.j. maxx. the same bags department stores will sell full price. each week, stores get up to 10,000 pieces of merchandise. >> ask the manager, what days do the strucks come. >> let's do some shopping. >> let's look at fabulous clothes. >> a great little holiday cob tate dress. >> it's easy to overspend here. give yourself a time limit. >> it can be a bit overstimulating for people when
8:25 am
they come in. because when they start seeing these awesome prices on the designer brands maybe they were coveting from afar, they might think i could have that on. give yourself a time limit. give yourself i would say, like, 30 minutes. >> let's go try them on. >> and then we can edit down. >> i like it. i like the top more than the bottom. >> looking a little bucxom in this. >> reporter: we edited down her picks and scooped up amazing deals. let's add up the numbers. >> this dress, retail $325. i'm scooping it up here for $125. so i was able to get a pair of new heels to go with it. for $that. i'm getting a whole outfit for $150. it's less than half the dress.
8:26 am
i would say it's a keeper. >> we're going to put you to the test. we brought if examples some of the great deals. look at these dresses. exactly the same dresses. one from a designer retailer. one from the off-price retailer. can you tell? >> no, they're the same dress. >> this one that's closest to us, it's $59. the one at the designer retailer, $160. >> wow. >> and we bought them the same week. and it just took some time to go into the off-price retailer to find it. >> how about the shoes? >> the designer shoe store. these were $99. off-price retailer. same shoe, different color, $59. >> it's great to have the designer. if you go off label so to speak, really rack up. >> we got jeans for $5. emeril and lmfao.
8:27 am
good morning. seeing lots of sunshine as of now on the satellite and radar. clouds drifting in here as we go through the rest of the afternoon. all in all, things looking pretty good. towards the west, indiana, ohio, rain showers and then maybe we will see rain showers as well. now, temperatures, the big story of the morning, cold outside, now, in to baltimore, temperature coming in around 29. 50 by this afternoon. over to angela with traffic. on the roadways, couple of disabled vehicles creating headaches out there. eastbound 50 on the bay bridge.
8:28 am
northbound 95 at perryville, 222, disabled vehicle. 108, delays there. 97, accident is in the southbound direction on the shoulder. formerplan maryland, the state's first long range plan for sustainable growth. it limits local control. baltimore chris ford will join the food network for a food drive from 4:00 to 8:00. donations benefit the maryland food bank. upload the abc 2 news app for your ipad and a app for your iphone and other devices. back to new york for more of good morning maryland.
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8:30 am
♪ good morning, america ♪ hey ♪ yo ♪ oh, i'm up in a party looking for a hottie ♪ yeah, yeah. ♪ i got a drink in my hand and a shot called buffalo ♪ whoo! what a way to kick off christmas week. always a party when lmfao stops by. >> nothing says monday like a little lmfao. we have the breakout star of the new movie "war horse."
8:31 am
jeremy irvine is here live. >> it was the league of the -- >> the national league of junior cotillons? >> i'm scarred by it now. you were number six. the sixth most poe lit person in the country. alli tweeting -- among the following -- how about thank you, honey, for raising our kids and may i buy you a mer scedeme? george, best mannered in the world. every night i take out the garbage, never a thank you. just saying. >> i don't believe it. >> let's eat, shall we? >> and we had to tell george about the tweets from alli, didn't we? how about more of our countdown to christmas, guys. emeril gave us a choice of three tasty recipes. white chocolate holiday joe,
8:32 am
crustless quiche. we left it up to you the choose the winner? and the winner? >> i thought it was going to be the breakfast thstrata. >> but it's the miniham crustless quiche. >> we're going to show you all three, but we're going make one. we need a custard. here's some a little bit of half and half and some eggs. if you want to whisk that. in a saute pan, i'm going the take some butter. bell pepper. i'm using red bell pepper. very christmasy. some ham. and green onion. >> looks like christmas in a pan. >> christmas in a pan. a little salt, person. >> you got it. >> now what happens, we saute this, as i have done here. for about six minutes. et gits nice and tender.
8:33 am
what happens is this. we're going take the mixture. inside of a little muffin pan. so no crust at all. >> what a great idea. >> now we're going to do, as e have done here is besides fulling them, let's put more -- hey, buddy. >> hey, you know. >> we're putting more filling in here. i have an herb cheese. >> that's what that is. >> yeah, an herb cheese. we're going to crumble this. >> looks good already. >> we're going to put this in here. >> and at the cheese counter of any market or store? >> or make your own. cream cheese with herbs. >> it's not a week end when i'm not making my own cream cheese. >> smarty pants. >> we're going to take the custard and fill it up. bake it at 375. >> this is so simple. and you want this on christmas
8:34 am
morning. you don't want a lot of fuss. >> have it christmas eve in the refrigerator. take it out christmas morning. >> let the oven do the work. >> about 20, 25 minutes. >> what do you set the oven? >> 375. >> how do you know it's done. >> look at this. you don't want toover do them. you want to have -- and these just pop right out. okay? now, here's what we got. white chocolate that we have melted that down. and we have added a little cardamom to that. it's a spice used in a lot of asian and indian cooking. >> you really have a spice profile. >> here, try that. careful with the cardamom. >> i love it. >> listen, what we do is, now we
8:35 am
have the quiches. this is the breakfast strata. i have sausage, i used brioche. use any bread you want. spinach. i thought that was going to win for sure. but the crustless quiches won. >> you dressed it with a salad like that. >> yep. let me grab rob an fork. >> can i start with the strata. as i said, all three -- >> we have the chrisless keeb, that won. the breakfast strata. another great idea in a large muffin pan. the white chocolate with a little bit of cardamom. a little coffee in there. what do you think? >> this is delicious. >> did you try this? >> thank you. >> watch the cardamom. you don't want it all in o ne
8:36 am
ot. >> what is the strata? >> it's like a savory bread pudding. it's a little moist with the sausage and the spinach. >> we're all set. all winners. get them all on our website. where are my manners? >> on yahoo! >> let's go to sam. hey, good morning, gang. we're jute side in times square. we could use the eggnog, some of that, haefr that was. it would have been nice. let's get to the board. our twitter pictures are still alive with holiday lights. we'll use them all this week. we need the holiday spirit as we roll into the weekend. the thunderstorms popping up today. central texas, east texas. the possibility of tornados with the powerful cold front are possible today. the mild air hangs into the southeast.
8:37 am
we're kind of bundled up this morning. we >> yeah. we're just hanging out with the young ladies from kentucky, right? >> yeah! >> yeah, we are. coming up, right here on "gma," you can't believe it. even's here for lmfao. coming up.
8:38 am
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8:40 am
he won't be any good in the war neither. he shis at every sound. >> i'm sorry. >> if he's going, i'm going, too. i'm volunteering. >> what's your name, lad? >> albert, sir. >> how old with you? >> 19, sir. >> is that true? >> no, sir, i'm bigger than most 19-year-olds. >> i can't down the you qualifications. the law is clear about the proper age for soldiering. >> a scene there from steven spielberg's "war horse." it doesn't open until christmas day. but it's nominated for a golden
8:41 am
globe. it's the break of a lifetime to the young man you just saw, jeremy irvine. the last thing you played was a tree? >> yeah, yeah, a tree. the best tree you have ever seen. no, i was -- in a show in '09. i kind of, all my friends are teasing me. you're going to be a tree. lo, and behold, i walk on, two branches. >> you auditions again and again and again and finally, you get word that steven spielberg himself wants to see you for an audition. >> yeah, yeah, i think i got called about 10:00 one night saying can you meet steven spielberg for tea the next day. >> you must have been so nervous. >> i kind of freaked out. terrified. i didn't sleep much. kind of the greatest asset that he has as a director is his ability to make you feel so comfortable. >> and the way he made you feel
8:42 am
comfortable. you walk in for the audition. he hands you the script, you're handed a script -- >> this is with my agent. he loves messing with he. yeah, he gets me and says, he's got another audition. this is about two months. it's normal by this point. they say, we want you to be spontaneous. don't do it until we press action. sure. whatever steven spielberg wants. i start reading, i go, joey, joey, steven spielberg wants me to play in war horse. it's on video. i have itted a home. lit never see the light of day. >> this is a story that every young person in britain grows up knowing. >> i was told it at about 8 or 9 by my parents. a lot of kids can relate. the books they write for children. i think everyone's had that
8:43 am
childhood friend, a best friend, brother, sister. we can all imagine what that's like to have it taken away from you. with the backdrop of war. >> it's a gripping story. this was your first interview as well. congratulations. you did great. jeremy irvine, everybody. "war horse" opens on christmas day. wh
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
♪ party rockers in the house tonight ♪ , so it's finally time. the fall concert series continues with one of our favorites. lmfao's party rock anthem has become basically our anthem. it's hard to duplicate the one, the only red foo. they're with us now the sing the latest single off of sorry for party rocking. first a check-in with you. we're missing an ingredient. sky blu. >> he hurt his back wiggling. >> really. >> and we -- we didn't know that -- doctor said he had to -- and it throws off his balance. >> he meant holiday package. >> it's a holiday thing. so -- when you wiggle, you have to balance it out. his muscles in his back --
8:47 am
>> they just gave way. >> we were talking earlier. did you know what you had when you heard it? >> we had a feeling, because it made us want to shuffle and dance and charleston and do the stuff. we were saying, let's just take this and put it in the video. we got hot from the quest crew and choreographed the stuff. >> let's feel it. let's go i can't wait. >> lmfao. ♪ ♪ ♪ when i walk on by girls be looking like ♪ ♪ damn, he fly i pay to the beat ♪ ♪ walking on the street in my new lafreak, yeah ♪ ♪ this is how i roll animal print ♪
8:48 am
♪ pants out control it's red foo ♪ ♪ with the big-ass fro and like bruce lee, i got the glow ♪ ♪ girl, look at that body girl, look at that body ♪ ♪ girl, look at that body i work out ♪ ♪ girl, look at that body girl, look at that body ♪ ♪ girl, look at that body i i i i work out ♪ ♪ when i walk in the spot this is what i see ♪ ♪ everybody stops and they staring at me ♪ ♪ i got passion in my pants and i ain't afraid to show it ♪ ♪ i'm sexy and i know it i'm sexy and i know it ♪ ♪ ♪ when i'm at the mall security just can't ♪ ♪ fight them off when i'm at the beach ♪ ♪ i'm in a speedo trying to tan my cheeks ♪ what? ♪ this is how i roll come on, ladies ♪ ♪ it's time to go
8:49 am
we headed to the bar ♪ ♪ baby, don't be nervous no shoes ♪ ♪ no shirt and i still get service ♪ why? ♪ girl, look at that body girl, look at that body ♪ ♪ girl, look at that body i i i i work out ♪ ♪ girl, look at that body girl, look at that body ♪ ♪ girl, look at that body i i i i work out ♪ ♪ when i walk in the spot this is what i see ♪ ♪ everybody stops and they staring at me ♪ ♪ i got passion in my pants and i ain't afraid to show it ♪ snow it snow it show it ♪ ♪ i'm sexy and i know it what? i'm sexy and i know it ♪ whoa, whoa! yeah, let's go, let's go. ♪ wiggle, wiggle, wiggle wiggle, wiggle, yeah ♪ ♪ wiggle, wiggle, wiggle wiggle, wiggle, yeah ♪ ♪ wiggle, wiggle, wiggle wiggle, wiggle, yeah ♪ ♪ wiggle, wiggle, wiggle wiggle, yeah, yeah ♪ ♪ i di do the
8:50 am
wiggle, man ♪ ♪ i'm sexy and i know it ♪ yeah, baby. yeah. yeah. ♪ girl, look at that body girl, look at that body ♪ ♪ girl, look at that body i i i i work out ♪ ♪ girl, look at that body girl, look at that body ♪ ♪ girl, look at that body i'm sexy and i know it ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
don't worry. you're going the hear party rock in a moment. should we have josh do a spin. >> turn it. trying to tan my cheeks. >> we were wondering how you would make that spin. lmfao. thank you, guys. you have been good friends. >> one more song. party rock anthem.
8:54 am
>> let's do it. ♪ i got that devilish flow rockened roll no halo ♪ ♪ that's the crew that i'm repping want to rise to the top no lead in our zeppelin ♪ ♪ party rockers in the house tonight even just have a good time ♪ ♪ and we're going to make you lose your mind ♪ everybody just have a good time ♪ ♪ party rock is in the house tonight ♪ ♪ everybody just have a good time ♪ ♪ and we gonna make you lose your mind ♪ ♪ we just wanna se ya shake that ♪ ♪ every day i'm shuffling ♪ >> hey! ♪
8:55 am
♪ shuffling shuffling ♪ step up fast and be the first girl to make me throw this cash ♪ ♪ put your hands up get up get down put your hands up ♪ ♪ get up get down put your hands up to the sound put your hands up to the sound get up get up ♪ ♪ get up get down get up get down get up get down ♪ ♪ put your hands up put your hands up put your hands up put your hands up ♪ ♪ party rockers in the house tonight and we gonna make you lose your mind ♪
8:56 am
♪ everybody just have a good time ♪ >> step up. ♪ put your hands up put your hands up ♪ >> yeah, yeah, yeah. ♪ every day i'm shufflin' hey, yeah, baby ♪ ♪ yeah, baby, it's a party y'all ♪
8:57 am
good morning everyone. happy monday to you. as we check out what is going on westward, snow showers in new mexico, rain showers in to texas. we are not dealing with anything, we are dealing with lots of dry time and a few clouds will try to move in throughout the day now temperatures coming in around 29 degrees in to baltimore. it's cold. easton 30 degrees. sunshine in here and it's going to be on the breezy side as well. high pressure still in control of our weather, sliding towards the east, we will get more of a return flow, that's why temperatures are going to warm up throughout the day. the future trend not picking up on a whole lot. as we go through the afternoon we will get more clouds in here, plenty of sunshine but clouds moving in as well, the warmer moisture for tomorrow could be in the form of showers
8:58 am
and that will continue until wednesday. today that temperature will soar up to 50 degrees. yesterday 42. temperatures a little bit more mild today. by tonight the clouds will be out there. we won't drop off like last night. the temperature 36 degrees. by tomorrow, temperature around 47 degrees. plenty of clouds around and there is a chance for a shower in the forecast. >> we start you off on tuesday around 47 with the showers, more of the same on wednesday. close to 60 wednesday, fist day of winter comes in on thursday with showers possible as we head in to christmas eve and christmas day. (greenery) hey cheese log. (cheese log) hello centerpiece.
8:59 am
(greenery) fruit cake. how are ya? [fruit cake] dry. (greenery) who's the new guy? edible arrangements bouquets, beautiful like flowers,


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